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Crown proptech
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From the lens of environmental, equitable and societal accountability, we will seek to acquire a business that offers innovative software, hardware, products, operations or services that are technology-driven and enhance the value of the infrastructure or property ownership. This type of business will have a large market audience and many different customers, including landlords, tenants, developers, operators, managers, brokers, investors, lenders, architects, engineers, general contractors, urban planners, government agencies and farmers.

We will seek to acquire a business that we believe is poised for growth with a strong and capable management team and proven unit economics, but potentially in need of financial, operational, strategic or managerial enhancement to maximize value. We believe that a company with environmental, equitable and societal principles embedded in its vision and business operations will be best-positioned for long-term premium valuations and growth opportunities.

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Our management team’s extensive backgrounds, global reach and passion position us well to take advantage of the growing set of opportunities in real estate technology. Combining the ecosystem approach, with expertise in real estate, emerging technology innovation and financial investment sets us apart in our ability to identify targets at the intersection of industry verticals poised for continued growth.